Trump Slams Biden for Creating an “Open, Really Dangerous” Border

On Wednesday, former President Trump returned to the Southern border, throwing criticism at Biden for this year’s surge in migrant crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

As he sat down for a briefing from Texas Governor Greg Abbott and law enforcement and border officials from Texas, Trump mentioned that the border was so secure during his time, but now it has been opened up. 

Trump then slammed Biden for reversing key immigration policies that were implemented during his administration. The former president later charged, saying that now the country has an open and also “really dangerous” border. He then alleged that the border is now more dangerous than ever in U.S. history, claiming that we have to go bring it back to how it used to be. 

Biden reversed several immigration policies that protect the border

It can be noted that during his administration, Trump prioritized border security and diverted funds to build the border wall. 

However, as soon as Biden took office, he reversed several immigration policies implemented by Trump. For example, he halted the construction of the border wall. Biden also ended the program that forces migrants to stay in Mexico as they wait for the resolution of their asylum cases.

This resulted in the surge of migrant crossings; migrant apprehensions at the Southern border are reaching their highest monthly percentages in two decades. Republicans blamed Biden’s reversal of immigration policies for the overwhelming influx of migrants. 

As he spoke at the briefing near the southern tip of Texas, Trump argued that the country used to have great policies. However, one day they were all ended.

Trump then mentioned that it didn’t take Biden three months or five months to decide to end the policies he implemented in securing the border. He said that Biden ended them in his first week in office, making the impression that Biden ended them just because Trump implemented it. 

Gov. Abbott pledged to finish the construction of border wall in Texas

Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott vowed to finish the construction of the border wall in his state. 

A couple of weeks ago, Abbott announced his promise to stem the movement of migrants illegally crossing the border to Texas. He also pledged to finish the construction of the wall, increasing the presence of state police at the border and arresting/jailing people who are caught trespassing on private properties.

Abbott called Trump “a great friend to Texas,” who made ways to secure the border and kept Texas and the U.S. safe. 

The Texas governor then claimed that under the Biden administration, things changed so quickly and these changes have been disastrous.  

Abbott later explained that the people of Texas are asking them to step up to restore the safety and security in the state. The GOP governor then said that is why he is doing a job that is supposedly one which the federal government should be doing.