Trump Spars with Jim Acosta Over Gotcha Questions

"President Trump at the Send Off for the" (Public Domain) by The White House

The leftist media is not known for its great relationship with the president. Far too often, Democrats demonstrate an interest in making a point or attempting to score political wins, rather than reporting the news.

Americans have witnessed this with CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Acosta has spared with President Trump and former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on multiple occasions. In keeping with CNN, Acosta frequently asks gotcha questions and then wonders why he doesn’t get a warm reaction.


Yesterday proved that Acosta has yet to learn his lesson. According to Breitbart News, the CNN reporter asked another gotcha question of the president. Needless to say, Acosta received the response that he was clearly looking for.

Trump vs. Acosta: The Latest Edition

On Monday, President Trump held a White House press briefing to address COVID-19. This has become a regular habit along with remarks from doctors and other members of the coronavirus task force.

While answering questions from the press, Trump allowed Acosta to make an inquiry. Immediately, the CNN reporter questioned how the president responds to people who believe that he’s minimized the gravity of coronavirus. In so doing, Acosta also read off a series of Trump’s prior statements regarding the virus.

Ultimately, the president responded by affirming the need to maintain calmness and avoid panic while strategically taking on COVID-19. Not long afterward, Trump also advised Acosta to ask “real” and legitimate questions instead of “nasty, snarky,” gotcha questions.

After the press briefing, Acosta later claimed to be “[holding] Trump’s feet to the fire” rather than issuing congratulatory remarks.

A False Narrative

The false narrative of Trump supposedly downplaying or not taking COVID-19 seriously enough is the latest and most inaccurate leftist talking point.


Contrary to what Acosta or others might like to believe, the president remains working closely with the coronavirus task force and various health officials. On Sunday, Trump extended social distancing guidelines through the month of April and moreover reaffirmed his commitment to defeating coronavirus.

What do you think about Jim Acosta’s gotcha question? How long do you think Democrats will continue spreading fake news about Trump not taking coronavirus seriously? Let us know in the comments section below!