Trump Takes Campaign to Pennsylvania

"President Trump Departs the White House" (Public Domain) by The White House

As the 2020 presidential election continues, President Trump is traveling across America to meet with supporters.

Unlike Joe Biden, the president understands the importance of getting out and about amongst the American people; furthermore, Trump is capable of having unfiltered interactions with the media and individuals without embarrassing himself. The same statement cannot be honestly made about Biden.


On Thursday, the president traveled to Latrobe, Pennslyvania in order to speak to supporters. In doing so, Trump also won a key union endorsement, as Washington Examiner confirms.

What to Know About Trump’s Latest Visit to Pennsylvania

Yesterday, the president talked about fracking, energy production, and the perils of Biden’s radically left policies. Trump also warned about the costliness of green energy reforms that are supported by the former vice president; such policies would cost Pennsylvania residents hundreds of thousands of jobs.

During a time when the economy is already struggling to get back to where it was pre-coronavirus, the last thing any American needs is the loss of more jobs. While visiting in Latrobe, the president also managed to pick up a campaign endorsement from the Boilermakers Local 154 union.

Ultimately, the president explained that while Biden and his Democrat handlers will ship jobs overseas, the Trump administration will continue working to keep jobs here. Trump’s time in Latrobe also included a condemnation of the left’s reaction to street riots, domestic terrorism, and other crimes.

The National Polls

Right now, a series of national election polls show Trump and Biden in dead heat with one another. This is especially applicable in swing states and battleground states.

However, as the 2020 presidential election plays out, Americans have warned that polls are not always indicative of the ultimate outcome of an election; 2016 certainly proved that.

With the completion of the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention, both Trump and Biden are making their cases to the American people for the presidency. Despite the Democrats’ attempts to get Biden not to debate Trump, the first general election debate is set to take place later this month.

Since the GOP National Convention, minority support and approval for President Trump has considerably surged.

What did you think about President Trump’s visit to Latrobe, Pennsylvania yesterday? How do you think the 2020 presidential election is going thus far? Be sure to let us know your take down below in the comments section.