Trump to Visit the Border with Gov. Abbott

"President Trump and the First Lady in El Paso, Texas" (public domain) by Trump White House Archived

Texas Governor Greg Abbott invited former President Trump to accompany him to visit the border on June 30.

On Tuesday evening, Gov. Abbott announced his plan to go on a trip to the Southern border. He added that former President Trump would accompany him on this trip scheduled at the end of the month.

On that same day, Abbott also released a statement criticizing the handling of immigration by the Biden administration. 

The trip to the border is the latest in a string of high-profile moves by the governor. He is putting immigration issues under the spotlight, as he criticized the Biden administration. Moreover, the scheduled trip at the end of the month will also bring Trump on familiar ground.

It can be remembered that Trump previously pledged to build a wall at the border. This statement helped propel him to the presidency back in 2016. During his term, immigration remained as one of his top signature issues. 

Abbott and the state of Texas fiercely criticize the Biden administration 

“President Trump and the First Lady in El Paso, Texas” (public domain) by Trump White House Archived

In recent months, Texas Governor Abbott focused immensely on immigration issues. He placed himself and the state of Texas in fierce opposition to the Biden administration, particularly on issues related to immigration.

Recently, Abbott ordered the state of Texas to pull licenses of shelters that care for unaccompanied migrant children held in the custody of the federal government. Last week, Abbott also announced that Texas would build its own wall.

This is in connection with Biden’s move to halt the construction of Trump’s project. However, details on when or how the wall will be built are yet to be announced. 

Efforts to build a wall at the border will likely face challenges, especially from immigration advocates. It is also not clear if the state will have the authority to do so. 

Abbott invited former President Trump to visit the border

At the start of the month, Abbott grabbed Trump’s endorsement as the former president started making public appearances. Now, he holds rallies after staying out of the public eye for months.

Meanwhile, in a statement released on Tuesday, Abbott invited the former president for a trip to the border and Trump accepted. Abbott also criticized the Biden administration, echoing Republican talking points about the issue. He also called the border an “unmitigated disaster zone.”

The border encounters climbed sharply since the start of the Biden administration. As Border Patrol agents get more overwhelmed, Biden is looking to reinstate the Trump-era orders. This Trump-era policy allows border agents to expel migrants caught crossing the border. However, unaccompanied children were exempted by Biden from the policy. 

Abbott blamed the Biden administration for the recent influx in border crossings, including the surge of unaccompanied minors. On the other hand, critics blamed Biden’s reversal of the Trump-era policies for the surge.