Trump, WaPo Reporter Spar Over Sunlight Exposure Amidst COVID-19

"White House Coronavirus Update Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

There are many people using the situation of coronavirus and milking it for all that it’s worth. As reports of domestic violence spike and as tens of millions lose their jobs, certain individuals continue supporting the idea of indefinite shutdowns.


Yesterday, President Trump got into a back-and-forth with Philip Rucker, a reporter for the Washington Post. Rucker challenged Trump over a recently-released White House study; in this study is the affirmation that exposure to sunlight can lessen the chances of COVID-19. Since this study is not in keeping with the false and dangerous notion that everyone should remain huddled away in their homes, Rucker took issue with it.

According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, the Trump-Rucker verbal sparring match ended with the president branding the latter as a “total faker.”

To Go Outside or Not Go Outside

The health benefits of going outside, soaking up fresh air, and taking in Vitamin D are extremely well-documented. These benefits do not magically disappear just because of COVID-19. Moreover, the data causing Trump to conflict with the Washington Post reporter actually affirms the health benefits of going outside, even in the face of coronavirus.

When Rucker challenged Trump, he questioned if the president believes that encouraging people to get fresh air is dangerous. Trump responded by noting the unfavorable press headline to inevitably follow; however, the president also pointed out that he wants people to “enjoy” the sun and believes that it’s great if sunlight decreases chances of contracting COVID-19.

After Rucker continued to press the issue, Trump blasted him as “fake news” and a “total faker.” The president supported his assessment of the Washington Post reporter by stating that he knows what Rucker writes.

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