Trump’s Indictment Branded as Attempted Political Assassination

Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL), who chairs the House Policy Committee, vehemently criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, characterizing the office’s indictment against former President Trump as an “attempted political assassination.”

Confirmed: Grand Jury Issued an Indictment Against Trump

It has been confirmed that a grand jury in New York, comprised of 23 members, issued an indictment against Trump on Thursday.

Both Bragg’s office and Trump’s legal representatives have corroborated these reports. Although the specific charges against Trump remain undisclosed, CNN reported the former president is confronted with a 30-count indictment pertaining to business fraud.

Bragg, whose funding includes contributions from George Soros, has been delving into Trump’s purported involvement in disbursing $130,000 to adult film actress Stormy Daniels as hush money.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-lawyer and a convicted felon, asserted that Trump coerced him into making the substantial payment to Daniels on the former president’s behalf.

Palmer: District Attorney’s Baseless Legal Pursuit

Palmer vehemently denounced Bragg’s office for its “flagrant abuse of the justice system.”

In a statement, Palmer conveyed, “We are witnessing an attempt to politically annihilate a former president.”

“The Manhattan district attorney’s baseless legal pursuit should never have been considered; his blatant exploitation of the justice system is steering the nation towards a perilous and shadowy trajectory.”

Palmer added, “A trajectory where one faction manipulates the law to target political adversaries, fostering increased skepticism of our judicial system, jeopardizing our democracy’s future. In the best interest of the nation, this case should be promptly dismissed.”

Meanwhile, Representative Robert Aderholt likewise shared¬†his perspective, asserting,¬†“The case against a former president, driven by political motives, will undoubtedly be recognized by a jury as a mere ploy.”

“Prosecutors in New York City ought to concentrate on addressing the tangible crime crisis they confront daily. Employing the justice system like a tool ultimately undermines the very system we cherish.”