Trump’s Ohio Visit Left a Bold Statement Against Biden

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump had the perfect opportunity to jumpstart his 2024 presidential campaign as he visited the location of a significant train derailment in Ohio.

Trump visited the Ohio train derailment before Biden

Trump announced his arrival in East Palestine on February 22, visiting the location of a significant train derailment. It has been nearly three weeks since a Norfolk Southern train transporting hazardous chemicals experienced a derailment, leading 50 carriages to fall off the tracks.

The event resulted in the evacuation of the Ohio village, with concerns still looming that it could have contaminated the air and drinking water with dangerous toxic chemicals.

Trump’s visit to East Palestine on Wednesday could hold significant weight, as he will be visiting the location before Joe Biden.

As the current expectation is for both Trump and Biden to run as the Republican and Democratic candidates, respectively, in the next presidential election, Trump’s visit could be viewed as a noteworthy move.

The visit to East Palestine could be viewed as an opportunity to capitalize on the conservative backlash aimed at President Biden for not visiting the area.

Criticism of the current president increased as it became known that he made a surprise trip to Ukraine via Poland, instead of visiting the site of the Ohio derailment first.

Mayor Trent Conaway of East Palestine expressed his disappointment with President Biden’s decision to visit Ukraine on Presidents Day, calling it a significant insult to the community.

In an interview with Fox News on Monday, the mayor conveyed his thoughts on the matter.

Ohio Mayor: Biden’s actions are the biggest insult to the people in Ohio

Conaway expressed his frustration with President Biden’s actions, stating while the president may send aid and resources to other countries, it is not reaching their community.

The Ohio mayor emphasized that he is angry and disappointed that the president chose to visit Ukraine and give millions of dollars to them, while their own community was still recovering from the train derailment.

During a TV interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters on Monday, Mayor Trent Conaway of East Palestine was asked whether he felt caught off guard to hear that President Biden was in Kyiv on Monday morning.

Conaway expressed his surprise and disappointment, calling it the biggest insult to the residents and the community. He further added that it is indicative of the fact that the president does not care about their situation.

Recently, a train with 150 cars derailed, resulting in the release of toxic chemicals. Authorities evacuated almost 5,000 locals as officials disposed of the chemicals, including vinyl chloride, through controlled burning.

Holes were also made in five railcars before the possibly flammable gas was burned in a ditch.