TX Ranchers Suffer From Property Damages Caused by Illegal Crossings


Rancher owners and farmers along the properties near the U.S. border are seeking help; this comes as illegal immigrants wreak havoc on their properties, causing constant damage to properties and persistent fear of going out at night.

Owners of properties along the border are seeking legislation to help the ranchers who are experiencing the detrimental effects of the continued crisis at the border. 

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Kinney County Attorney standing up in support of ranchers and farmers

Texas Kinney County attorney, Brent Smith stated that prosecution in relation to the uptick of trespassing cases at the southern border will happen; it will happen as illegal immigrants cross private properties in Texas in order to evade Border Patrol officials.

The county attorney, who was raised in a ranching family, gets a lot of complaints from property owners. They’ve had their fences damaged by illegal immigrants who are trying to drive through or cut them as they attempt to cross to the United States. 

Accordingly, ranchers were also asked to consistently guard their fences for break-ins and quickly repair them in order to make sure their livestock does not cross the highway and pose threats to drivers.

Smith added that this everyday struggle experienced by ranchers causes detrimental effects on the agricultural district and their livelihood. 

In a statement to Fox News, Smith stated that they are left with the destruction and no one pays for the consistent damage to their fences. He added that no insurance company would cover such event. As a result, ranchers and farmers have to constantly pay for the repairs themselves. 

Private property owners tired of the border crisis; some flee the county due to the danger posed by illegal crossings

The county attorney also added that the agricultural community and private property owners are absolutely tired of the situation, referring to the massive influx of illegal immigrants.

He declared that he knows a couple of people that are fleeing the state or leaving the county because of the everyday danger posed by illegal crossings. 

However, according to Republican Representative August Pfunger of Texas, legislation will be introduced in the House to address this problem. Pfunger stated that the bill is meant to reimburse ranchers and farmers whose properties along the border experienced damages due to illegal crossings. 

The bill would reallocate $300 million of the unused COVID fund to set up funding to pay damages to farmers and ranchers. Included among the damages covered were those caused by illegal immigrants, livestock loss, loss of crop, replacements of the perimeter fence, property loss, as well as damages caused to physical structures. 

According to Pfluger, the border policies implemented by Biden worsened the problems that ranchers and farmers were experiencing at the border as they lose millions from damages.