U.S. Leaders Under Fire for “Welcoming” Political Violence

"President Trump Signs an Executive Order" (Public Domain) by The White House

Political violence from leftist mobs continues to dominate major U.S. cities across the country. Whether this violence entails attacks on federal courthouses, onslaughts against police officers, rioting, looting, or burning down businesses, it doesn’t seem to be going away.


President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security have taken actions to put an end to this violence; however, this too, is facing backlash from Democrats in power. Many left-wing activists, governors, and mayors are stating that the federal government should not send law enforcement officers into cities that are plagued with unspeakable violence.

For these reasons, many leaders are now facing criticism for ultimately “welcoming” political violence, explains Breitbart News.

Why Are Certain Leaders Welcoming Political Violence?

As political violence ravages various communities, many Americans believe this is being allowed to happen so that certain leaders can meet their own goals. This is something that Fox News host Tucker Carlson touched upon during last night’s on-air segment.

Carlson explained that leaders are welcoming political violence because it ultimately cripples democracy. With a ruined democracy, leaders are then able to step in and present themselves as the solution.

This is a pattern that is not foreign to America, believe it or not. How many times have Democrats supported raising the minimum wage only to later feign shock when working-class individuals experienced layoffs or job loss?

During a later part of the segment, the Fox News host furthermore touched upon political leaders who excuse acts of political violence across the nation. Americans have witnessed this when Democrats refused to condemn AntiFa mobs.

Another example of political violence getting a pass from the left materialized when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about mobs tearing down statues, only to casually claim that “people do what they do.”

When Will it End?

Despite the lackadaisical stance of many leaders, the Trump administration has repeatedly affirmed that it will not stand by as violence tears apart communities. This is why the president has sent federal troops into Portland, Chicago, and other areas with uncontrolled lawlessness.

Many Americans view the 2020 presidential election as a crossroads. Trump remains committed to law and order; meanwhile, Joe Biden has already articulated his support for defunding police. As the law enforcement community grapples with violence in various cities, several police groups have endorsed Trump’s re-election.

Why do you think certain U.S. leaders are OK with political violence taking over our nation? When do you believe this will come to a head? Let us know down below in the comments section.