UFO ‘Expert’ Studied by NASA Alleges Ability to Evoke ‘Alien Orbs’ with Prayer

Chris Bledsoe, a self-styled UFO expert, asserts that he possesses the unusual ability to summon alien orbs through prayer.  Bledsoe, previously a homebuilder, claims to have possessed the unique ability to call upon these extraterrestrial entities for the past 15 years.

He recounted an incident from a 2007 fishing trip where, in a moment of desperation after his business struggled post the 9/11 attacks, he prayed to the heavens and an orb materialized in the dark.

Ever since that incident, Bledsoe affirms he has been able to summon these orbs using merely his thoughts.

Bledsoe’s account has been investigated in a recent History Channel documentary as part of their UFO-themed series ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’.

The team of professionals, including a former CIA investigator and a decorated journalist, made efforts to scrutinize Bledsoe’s story, but were unable to come up with any concrete conclusions.

This development follows the shocking claims made by whistleblower David Grusch at a congressional hearing earlier this month, where he alleged the US government has taken extreme measures, including committing murders, to keep UFOs a secret.

A former high-ranking intelligence officer, David Grusch, is one among three military whistleblowers who have testified.

Grusch asserted that the US has held UFOs in its possession since the 1930s, engaged in a covert reverse-engineering program, and simultaneously ran a public misinformation campaign to keep the details from being publicly disclosed.

During this unprecedented hearing, Representative Tim Burchett (R-Tenn) queried Grusch on some of the claims he made.

Grusch, alongside Navy veteran fighter pilot Commander David Fravor and esteemed former pilot Ryan Graves who witnessed the 2004 ‘Tic Tac’ UFO, was sworn in on Wednesday.

Further allegations by Grusch included claims numerous reliable intelligence officials informed him that the US government retrieved non-human aircraft containing biological pilots.

The former US intelligence officer also stated he is aware of ‘several colleagues’ who sustained physical injuries from encounters with UFOs or while working on them as part of these special access programs.