Ukrainian President Has a Desperate Request for Congress

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the US Congress and put forward his desperate plea, asking America to do better and assist the troubled people of Ukraine.

He believes the United States should declare a no-fly zone over the skies of Ukraine and provide Ukraine with more aerial and air defense systems and a new security alliance.

Ukraine President Spoke to American Lawmakers

Warning his country is in “the darkest time” and America should “do more,” Zelenskyy stated Biden should not only act as the leader of America, but also the whole world.

During his speech, Zelenskyy reminded US lawmakers how America faced misery after the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 attacks, adding Ukraine is facing the same sort of events every other day.

While asking the lawmakers to close Ukraine airspace, the president stated the sky of his country has now become a “source of death for thousands of people.”

This terror is something the whole of Europe did not see in the last 80 years, Zelenskyy added. Although he stated a no-fly zone is not a very big demand, he offered an alternative to this solution as well.

According to Zelenskyy, the United States can also provide Ukraine with “powerful, strong” air systems that could help the country avert Russian attacks.

Ukraine Badly Wants a No-fly Zone

The Ukrainian president also criticized the inability of the United Nations to stop the war.

He suggested despite the creation of international institutions for the establishment of global peace, these organizations have been failing badly to carry out their jobs.

Thus, he recommended there is a dire need to create new institutions and new alliances for the betterment of the world. Apart from that, Zelenskyy also stated he backs the idea for the creation of an association, United for Peace.

This is an alliance of peaceful countries that can help them stop any military violence in the world using political, logistics, humanitarian, and even military support.

Had these sorts of organizations existed today, they could have stopped Russia from perpetuating aggression in the first place, the president noted.

Zelenskyy’s comments came at a time when the United States has already declared it is in no mood to declare a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Doing so would put America and its NATO allies at the crossroad with Russia, which could eventually trigger a bigger military conflict. Most civilians in America and Ukraine have supported this no-fly zone, as per the latest reports.

Even US lawmakers believe a no-fly zone would result in escalation. White House press secretary Jen Psaki also denounced the demand on Tuesday, saying it would intensify the conflict.

However, many lawmakers still want Biden to facilitate Poland in sending MiG-29 planes to Ukraine, another demand the White House downplayed repeatedly. 

As Biden is set to travel to Europe for the NATO summit next week, it is expected world leaders will take some decisive actions against Russia’s belligerence.