Ukrainian President: It’s a Pity that Biden Did Not Avoid the War

Ukraine’s president did not seem happy with Joe Biden’s approach to the prevailing crisis, as he claimed that American assistance came late during the war.

President Zelenskyy requested support before the invasion, but the western world was reluctant to support the country militarily or through sanctions on Russia.

“Pity” America Helped Ukraine so Late

Fox News asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki about the delayed intelligence given to Ukraine, noting it becomes useless at a time when Ukraine receives it. 

However, Psaki claimed the administration had been fast in delivering the intelligence regarding Russia’s attacks.

Though, this is not what Ukraine President Zelenskyy thinks, as he said it is a “pity” the United States started supporting Ukraine after the start of the war, instead of working proactively.

Although Biden repeatedly claimed he tried to support Ukraine for a long time, he did not impose chronic sanctions on Russia even though Republicans were consistent in asking him to do so.

Still, the Ukrainian president was thankful to Biden and asserted, finally, he could talk with him often. He was speaking from his bunker in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, as Russian forces circled the city in their bid to oust the civilian government.

Over time, Zelenskyy pleaded with western leaders to act before it was too late, as he visited Germany to lambast NATO members for doing so little for the safety of Ukraine. 

Back then, he claimed putting sanctions on Russia after the invasion would be useless. However, he remained unheard and western nations relied on threatening Putin instead of arranging sanctions.

Vice President Kamala Harris also met with Zelenskyy ahead of the invasion in which he requested her to stop the Russian invasion, using an efficient strategy.

Yet, Harris maintained the threat of sanctions, instead of the sanctions themselves, would stop Russia from invading; this turned out not to be the case.

Thus, the Ukrainian president was complaining about how little the western nations actually did before the invasion, even knowing Russia was building up its military presence over time at the border.

How Biden is Helping Russia to Strangle Ukraine

Meanwhile, the press secretary was also grilled by reporters on Thursday when they inquired about Biden’s help to Putin by not sanctioning the Russian oil industry.

Psaki beat around the bush, eventually claiming the president had not thrown any option off the table.

When a journalist asked Psaki whether the White House believes that Russia is involved in war crimes, Psaki said it “could be”, even knowing that rocket attacks from Russia killed various civilians, which is counted as a war crime under international law.

Instead of tapping American natural resources, the White House has established that global energy prices will be controlled by not sanctioning the Russian oil sector, which constitutes a major chunk of the global oil market.

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