US Attorney General FAILED to Keep the DoJ Apolitical


Republican Congressmen Jim Jordan and James Comer joined hands with GOP Senator Ron Johnson in writing a letter to the US Attorney General Merrick Garland.

In this letter, they demanded from him important information about the FBI’s recent raid on Project Veritas. The lawmakers censured Garland for failing to maintain an apolitical DoJ.

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DOJ employee leaked damning information to the New York Times

To recover Ashley Biden’s diary, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided the residence of the Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, which the project caught last fall. Likewise, the agency also raided O’Keefe’s associates’ residences which sparked concerns in the GOP lawmakers.

Writing to Garland, the lawmakers were shocked at how the New York Times published the story within an hour of the FBI raid, considering the search warrant was not public.

The letter raised concerns about the apolitical nature of the DoJ, noting that a member of the organization could be involved in leaking the secrets of the DoJ to the newspaper. Likewise, the lawmakers asserted the DoJ and its associated agencies must refrain from targeting political rivals of the ruling elite.

Questioning Garland’s commitments, the letter reminded him he failed to live up to his promises in various matters; this was also evident when the DoJ disenfranchised parents from participating in their children’s schooling.

Concluding the letter, the lawmakers demanded the DoJ must unveil all relevant information regarding the Project Veritas raid, including how they became aware of Ashley Biden’s diary.

Giving the DoJ a deadline of December 2 to provide the necessary information, the letter asked the department about the steps it has taken to investigate the leaking of sensitive information to the New York Times.

The letter pressed the DoJ about the copies of warrants and other necessary documents related to the raid. Likewise, the lawmakers asked if any official of the president’s office contacted either the DoJ or the FBI about the current investigations and requested them to raid Project Veritas to recover the diary.

Tom Cotton schooled Merrick Garland in a separate letter

Meanwhile, Tom Cotton, a GOP senator from Arkansas, wrote a separate letter to the Attorney General. In this letter, Cotton demanded Garland reveal all the communications between DoJ employees and the New York Times.


By giving the department a deadline of when to respond, Cotton asked the DoJ about the origins and motivations of the investigations against Project Veritas. These are widely believed to be political in nature, carried out at the discretion of Democrats, particularly President Joe Biden.

Apart from the lawmakers, the American Civil Liberties (ACLU) also condemned the FBI raids on Project Veritas. The organization said the event could have drastic consequences for press freedom in the United States.

The ACLU further asserted unless the FBI had conclusive evidence of Project Veritas’ involvement in the theft, they had no reason to invade the facility.