US Intelligence Delivered an “INCONCLUSIVE REPORT” on COVID-19 Origins

Biden received an “inconclusive” classified intelligence report about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic; this happened due to the lack of information coming from China, the place where the deadly virus originated. 

After 90 days, the U.S. intelligence community can only present an “inconclusive report”

The U.S. intelligence community was not able to arrive at a strong conclusion about the origins of COVID-19. They couldn’t determine whether the virus was transmitted from animals to humans or whether it escaped from a laboratory in China.

Back in May, Biden ordered the U.S. intelligence community to present a report that would give a more definitive conclusion about the origins of the virus. COVID has claimed more than four million lives all over the world and wreaked havoc on economies. 

However, after an extensive 90-day effort, the U.S. intelligence community was not able to make a consensus. A White House official who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that parts of the report could be disclosed in the upcoming days. 

When the president ordered the investigation, he stated that the U.S. intelligence officials are divided into two scenarios. One, that COVID-19 came from animals, and second, that it originated in a lab. The probe was made in the hopes that it could bring a more definitive conclusion. 

Biden likewise disclosed that there are two agencies leaning towards the theory that the virus originated from an animal. However, a third agency believes more in the lab accident theory.

The former Trump administration highlighted the lab leak theory. This occurred after it was first deemed to be “extremely unlikely” by the WHO which was followed extensively in the mainstream media.

A scientist who led the WHO mission to China, now considers the probability that the virus resulted from a lab leak

However, earlier this month, a stunning reversal happened. Dr. Peter Ben Embarek, who headed a team of scientists to a WHO mission to China, admitted that he now considers the possibility that the virus indeed originated in a lab. 

On the other hand, China repeatedly denied the hypothesis, declining to allow international analysts to carry out a more thorough investigation. 

Then, in June, Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence gave a warning, stating that agencies might not be able to solve the “mystery.” 

Haines stated that they were hoping to discover a smoking gun. However, he added that it is challenging to do that. Although it could happen, in more cases, it might not occur. 

The Director of National Intelligence likewise stated that the probe involves dozens of intelligence officials and analysts coming from different agencies. The director later said that she deployed groups to ensure intelligence would look into every angle of the issue. 

However, another White House official noted that the U.S. intelligence community might not necessarily be the best people who are equipped to solve the issue, which is essentially a matter of science.