US Senators Ready to Override Biden and Sanction Russia

Joni Ernst, a GOP senator, indicated the Senate could override Biden’s plans in order to sanction Russia on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline once again.

In May, Biden relaxed sanctions against Russia that helped the country build the pipeline that is supposed to compromise US interests.

Joni Ernst Warned Biden About Possible Senate Override

Speaking to Chris Wallace during “Fox News Sunday,” Ernst asserted the Biden administration should reimpose sanctions against Russia that it lifted in May. The pipeline will take Russian natural gas to Germany.

Meanwhile, Biden’s ambition to waive sanctions was to save the US relations with Germany, one of the rising European giants. Contrary to this, Ukraine has often asserted Russia should be stopped from building this pipeline.

It will deprive Ukraine of much-needed natural gas products, as all of them would be exported to Germany.

Both Biden and Putin are set to do a video call on Tuesday that is likely to be a heated one, amid the rising tensions between Ukraine and Russia. Ernst continued that Biden needs to be extremely assertive in portraying the US will defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine at any cost.

Likewise, she added the president should also threaten Russia to reimpose Nord 2 Streamline sanctions to stop Russia from building the project.

Chris Wallace, the host of the program, asked her if Congress could override the president to reimpose sanctions on Russia. Responding to this, the senator said she was not sure.

However, Ernst noted the concerns about the project are high in the US Senate and both parties are equally vocal about it. Similarly, she noted most of the US senators would sanction Vladimir Putin any day.

Michele Flournoy advised senators not to override Biden’s decision

Joni Ernst was speaking to the host in California at the Reagan National Defense Forum, where former Defense Secretary Michele Flournoy also commented on the matter.

Flournoy warned Congress not to go that route, as it would undermine the currently imposed sanctions against Russia.

Furthermore, the former secretary also noted instead of just blocking the pipeline, putting a combination of sanctions against Russia is more effective, a strategy which the Biden administration is pursuing right now.

Defending the lifting of the Nord 2 Streamline sanctions, Flournoy added Putin wanted to divide America from its European allies. If the sanctions against Russia are imposed on the pipeline, it would ultimately deteriorate US relations with Germany, which is a long-term ally of the United States.

Currently, congressional lawmakers from both sides of the aisle oppose the Nord 2 Stream pipeline. Some Democrats have even asserted they could vote to overturn the sanctions while also introducing an amendment binding presidents to get congressional approval before lifting any such sanctions.