“Utter Madness”: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Hasn’t Quit Advising His Brother

CNN is receiving huge backlash after it was reported that CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo is still advising his New York governor brother, despite his pledge to stay out of it. Meanwhile, New York Attorney General Letitia James recently released a damning report.

This report outlines the graphic sexual harassment allegations made by 11 women against Cuomo and calls for impeachment have increased. The Washington Post delved deeper into behind the scenes of issues happening in Albany, New York. 

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is left with a few advisers; one of them is CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo

The Washington Post reported that Cuomo is in his mansion in Albany, not going to the office, and now only has a few people to advise him. According to his longtime spokesperson, Rich Azzopardi, Cuomo has plans to stay in office.

Cuomo also keeps on consulting Charlie King, his longtime adviser and lobbyist, as well as his brother CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo. 

It can be noted that in May, following a report that Chris Cuomo was participating in the strategy sessions with his brother to fight against the sexual harassment allegations, the CNN host promised to his viewers that what he did would not happen again. 

Chris Cuomo explained that when the situation of his brother became rough, he was looped into calls with friends and advisers of the governor. He added that he understands why it was a problem for the news network. The CNN news anchor then pledged that what he did will not happen again. 

In their defense, CNN also released a statement in May emphasizing that it was inappropriate for the news anchor to be involved in conversations that include members of the New York governor’s staff, which Chris Cuomo acknowledged. The news anchor also promised that he would not participate in conversations like that moving forward. 

CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo called out by critics

However, critics lambasted Chris Cuomo after a recent report by the Washington Post revealed that he is still advising his brother. Kate Arthur, Variety editor-at-large, wrote in a tweet that it is “utter madness” that CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is still advising the New York governor after promising he will not do so.

Writer Jonathan Katz also reacted, suggesting that it should be Chris Cuomo’s last day on the job. Journalist Zaid Jilani then made comments, stating that it is always understandable to come in aid to your family. However, if Chris Cuomo wants to do that, he does not have the conflict of interest by simultaneously being a lead news anchor of CNN. 

Justin Baragona, Daily Beast contributing editor also noted that at this point, CNN should do something with the news anchor. He added that it is not the first time that Chris Cuomo outrightly lied about giving advice to his brothe,r while at the same time serving as a lead CNN anchor. 

According to reports, CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo is off-air this week, allegedly a part of his “long-planned vacation”. The CNN host was also blasted in the report of the New York Attorney General, as it revealed how Chris Cuomo took part in drafting the statement of the governor in response to sexual harassment allegations.