Veterans Are NOT Happy With Harris’ Description of Biden

Vice President Kamala Harris received unenthusiastic applause from the veterans and their families after she described President Biden as the “champion” of veterans. Meanwhile, President Biden only mentioned Veterans Day in passing.

Vice President Kamala Harris delivered a speech at Arlington National Cemetery on Friday, as the country celebrated Veteran’s Day.

During the speech, Harris stated that veterans’ work makes America stronger, as the Biden administration announced their plan to provide aid to children of injured servicemembers.

Harris: Military men are not the only ones who have served

During the speech, Harris told the crowd that servicemembers make “America stronger” and during Veterans Day, the country comes together to express the gratitude that Americans have for all these servicemembers have done for the country.

Harris likewise noted the nation owes soldiers a great debt and the Biden-Harris administration was working on providing healthcare, housing, and jobs to these servicemembers.

The vice president also mentioned that first lady Jill Biden is working with the families of veterans. 

However, some statements made by the vice president in her speech raised some eyebrows, particularly when she mentioned that although veterans were the ones who wear uniforms, they are not the only ones who have served.

In addition to this, the crowd did not acknowledge the praise that Harris made to President Biden, as she described him as the “greatest champion” of servicemembers.

Veterans Did Not Respond Well to Harris’ Description of Biden as “Greatest Champion” of Servicemembers

The veterans, together with their family members, only gave tepid applause to Harris.

However, when Harris mentioned the efforts that First Lady Jill Biden made to the veterans’ arena forces, the applause grew stronger as some people in the crowd stood up in their seats. 

The strongest applause that Harris received during her speech was when she described the US military as the greatest military force in the world.

The vice president also reminded the crowd that she has seen members of the military while she was traveling to Florida, South Korea, and Poland.

Later, Harris noted that she has seen “firsthand” how the Armed Forces of the United States serve and protects the highest ideals of America all over the world.

Traditionally, US presidents would deliver speeches during Veterans Day as they visit the northern Virginia Cemetery. An exception happens when they are traveling, hence the reason why Harris stood on behalf of Biden for the special occasion. 

Meanwhile, President Biden only made an encasing reference to Veterans Day during his speech in Egypt, as he attended an anti-global warming summit.

During his speech, he made mention of his late son Beau, who succumbed to brain cancer back in 2015, while taking note of Veterans Day.