Volunteer Arrested for Silently Praying in Her Mind

British police arrested a charity volunteer for silently praying outside an abortion clinic. The British government’s crackdown in so-called “censorship zones” allows the police to arrest people who are praying in the immediate vicinity of abortion clinics.

Britain Stoops to a New Low

The British government honors abortion so much that people are not even allowed to pray outside the abortion centers.

Earlier this week, the British police approached Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, who was standing near the BPAS Robert Clinic in Kings North while praying silently in her mind outside an abortion center.

An onlooker allegedly approached the police to lodge a complaint against Vaughan-Spruce, accusing her of silently praying in her mind.

When the police showed Vaughan-Spruce pictures of her standing outside the abortion center, she was unable to recall whether she was praying at those specific moments or not. Vaughan-Spruce admitted she “might” be praying when a random individual clicked her pictures.

Vaughan-Spruce also emphasized all of her thoughts were peaceful; so she did not deserve to face any legal charges.

Likewise, Vaughan-Spruce complained it was inherently wrong that she was searched, interrogated, and arrested just for praying silently in front of an abortion clinic.

Furthermore, Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, asserted she did nothing harmful, adding that nobody should face harassment, as it is illegal in the law. In addition, the victim noted she was subjected to discrimination just for exercising her right to free expression.

The Birmingham authorities introduced the censorship zone measure, according to which it is prohibited to get involved in any act of approval or disapproval related to abortion, while standing near the abortion centers.

This means anyone who tries to promote or denounce abortion through any verbal or written means would be charged with a crime. The police charged Vaughan-Spruce for standing outside the abortion clinic on three occasions.

Surprisingly, the abortion center was closed on all of those occasions.

British Government to Start a New Crackdown Against Religious People

Many religious conservatives and civil rights activists condemned the tragic behavior of the British government against Vaughan-Spruce.

According to Jeremiah Igunnubole, who is a UK-based legal expert, the behavior of the British government against Vaughan-Spruce is deeply concerning for all the people who want their religious rights to be protected. 

Igunnubole was also shocked at how a law could be so regressive that it started prosecuting people for silently praying in their minds.

Similarly, Igunnubole continued, a democracy should be able to differentiate between the peaceful exercise of religion and crime, since both things are drastically different from each other.

Now, the British government is taking one further step to start a crackdown on people of faith. Reportedly, the British government will prohibit people from reading certain parts of the Bible in public.

These oppressive policies force people to immigrate to other countries where they can raise their families in a free religious environment.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.