Voters Applauded Democrat for Schooling Biden on Border Crisis

Democratic Senator Mark Kelly distanced himself from the open border policies of Biden, as he slammed the president in his recent debate against Republican candidate Blake Masters.

Voters are now appreciating Kelly’s moderate stance on border security, which is expected to give him a major boost in the largely moderate state of Arizona in next month’s midterm elections.

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Moderate Democrat Gets an Edge in Arizona Senate Seat

Kelly lashed out at Biden and other Democrats for not solving the border crisis in America. Arizona is one of the states worst impacted by illegal immigration, since it shares a border with Mexico.

While Democrats, in general, promote open border policies, Kelly is forced to speak against illegal immigration, due to rising negative voter perception against open borders in Arizona.

Kelly asserted Biden is pursuing “dumb” policies at the southern border, adding Democrats do not understand the border crisis at all. Likewise, Kelly continued, Republicans do not have any practical solution to the border crisis since they only try to politicize the issue. 

Additionally, Kelly claimed he spent a lot of time at the southern border, so he is well aware of the current border situation, which is completely messed up right now.

Similarly, Kelly claimed he has always raised his voice on the border issue while confronting Democrats who are not ready to acknowledge the poor law enforcement situation.

Furthermore, the senator asserted he has even taken a stance against the president of his own party and told Biden that his policies are of no use in tackling the border crisis.

Voters Happy With Moderate Border Policies of Kelly

In order to measure voters’ sentiments on Kelly’s remarks, Fox News tracked their real-time reactions. Almost 200 voters participated in the survey; most of them agreed with Kelly’s comments on the chaotic situation at the southern border.

Lee Charter, a Fox News contributor who conducted the survey, established voters’ reactions to Kelly’s remarks suggest politicians who do not stick to their partisan lines rigidly have the potential to impress more voters.

Carter stated voters believed Kelly was authentic in his response, which prompted them to appreciate him. Considering the importance of swing voters in battleground seats, Carter continued, Kelly is campaigning the right way by moving towards moderate stances.

Both Kelly and Masters are competing for a hotly contested seat in Arizona that could seal the fate of the Senate for the next two years. Currently, most polls are establishing the Arizona Senate seat is a toss-up, which means it could go either way on Election Day.

Republican candidate Blake Masters is supported by former President Trump. Kelly is mostly campaigning against Masters on the issue of abortion and social security, claiming the GOP nominee has extreme stances on both of these issues.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.