VP Harris Questioned After Declaring Steps to “Protect the Vaccinated”

A tweet posted by Vice President Harris on Sunday raised eyebrows, as she urged Americans to aid in protecting those who are already vaccinated to end the COVID pandemic. 

VP Harris’ tweet, urging the protection of the vaccinated raised eyebrows of social media users

Harris posted a tweet noting that by getting vaccinated, improving COVID testing, masking, as well as protecting those who are vaccinated, the people can end the pandemic. She added that this is what the Biden administration is committed to doing.

Meanwhile, there has been ongoing confusion about the COVID vaccine rhetoric coming from the Biden administration, as “protecting the vaccinated” has become a constant talking point. This comes notwithstanding the vaccines already giving effective protection to people who already had them. 

The tweet posted by Vice President Harris was no exception. Her remarks were likewise met with confusion and criticism from social media users. Joe Concha, a Fox News contributor, responded to the tweet that Harris made.

Concha noted that it is an odd thing to say “protecting the vaccinated” because the vaccinated are already protected, and according to data, the COVID vaccine keeps people out of the hospital 99.99% of the time. 

Kyle Hooten, a former staffer of the Trump administration posted a question, asking why the vice president needs to protect those who are vaccinated. After all, doesn’t the COVID vaccine do that?

On the other hand, Kate Pavlich of Fox News also called the message of the vice president rather “bizarre,” noting that the Biden administration seems to be taking credit for the expected effects of the vaccine. Multiple social media users likewise went on Twitter and respond to the tweet that Harris made. 

CDC study reveals COVID vaccine still provides effective protection against delta variant

Meanwhile, according to a new study published by the Centers for Disease Control, unvaccinated individuals are facing a greater risk of death from the COVID delta variant. 

The study from the CDC observed incidents of coronavirus cases, deaths, and hospitalizations during two phases between April 4 and July 13 this year, in 13 jurisdictions in the United States.

Accordingly, the number of deaths and hospitalizations are substantially higher for individuals who are not completely vaccinated, compared to those who already completed their COVID vaccine shots. 

The studies published by the CDC gave some clarity amid concerns about the protections the COVID vaccine can give against the more contagious delta variant. The data’s broad and consistent findings were that the COVID vaccine still provides strong protection even against the delta variant.

Rochelle Walensky, the CDC Director, noted that the bottom line of this is that the country has the tools needed to turn the corner. She added that vaccines work and they will protect people from experiencing severe complications that could be brought about by COVID.