War-Mongering Journalist Wants Direct Military Attacks Against Russia

Ali Velshi, an MSNBC journalist, advised NATO for the “direct military involvement” in Ukraine as new horrifying images unveiled Russia’s brutal response against Ukrainian civilians.

However, this strategy can result in the start of a third world war.

Liberal Journalist Recommended American Military Action Against Russia

Velshi is reporting from Ukraine and he called for NATO’s involvement in a series of tweets. He wrote the whole world would be able to see Russian brutality in Ukraine on Sunday.

Furthermore, Velshi added Russia committed crimes against non-combatant civilians and Russia has no room to lie anymore. Similarly, he added if civilians murders cannot trigger a NATO response, nothing can do it.

A journalist named Aaron Maté asked him to clarify what he meant by NATO involvement in the war. Responding to this, Velshi clarified that he meant “direct military conflict.”

Velshi reiterated his stance in his Sunday show as well, stating the West in general and NATO, in particular, has a more assertive role to play in Ukraine, amid the news of civilian killings. 

However, he also acknowledged the negative consequences of pursuing this strategy. 

He stated his recommendations pose a significant threat to the lives of American soldiers and pilots. Similarly, he asked his guest, retired Major John Spencer, a question: what is a way to get more involved in the war without triggering a nuclear war with Russia?

His guests turned out to be of the same ideology, who stated even though he opposed NATO’s involvement in the war earlier, he now supports a more assertive stance by the military alliance.

The mayor further stated this could be done under peacekeeping missions, adding Russia’s involvement in the massacre demands a special response from the West.

He emphasized that the administration must take collective action by consulting with other global partners.

Involving NATO in the War Would Result in WWIII

NATO believes in the doctrine of collective security, which means an attack on one NATO nation would be responded to by the whole alliance.

As Ukraine is not part of NATO, the alliance is not bound to help the country militarily. Doing so could provoke a direct US-Russia military conflict, which can take the shape of a third world war.

This was the primary reason why the America-led alliance hesitated to impose a no-fly zone on the skies of Ukraine.

Russians have already warned any entity doing any intervention in the war would face unprecedented consequences.

There is a consensus in the White House and the Pentagon that involving NATO in the crisis is out of the question. The troubled alliance is the very reason why Russia is attacking Ukraine in the first place.

Russia believes Ukraine can get membership in NATO, which would bring the western alliance to its borders.

So, experts claim if the United States manages to help Ukraine under NATO, it will strengthen Russian doubts, giving the country another reason to propagate its military aggression against innocent Ukrainians.