War on Police Reaches New Heights Amid Calls from Democrat Sen.

"Michigan National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Police officers continue to be demonized by the Democrat Party and its activists for merely doing their jobs. Already, various cities in America are serving as examples of what happens when communities don’t have law enforcement.


Despite the crime surges happening in different localities run by leftists, the war on police is not going away; in fact, it appears to be only getting started. Democrats in top levels of government continue to call for legislation that will make it harder for police officers to do their job, thus endangering the communities that desperately need their services.

On Monday, Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey (D) escalated the left’s war on police with shocking calls to disarm officers across the nation, confirms Breitbart News.

Sen. Markey vs. the Law Enforcement Community

The left continues to conflate peaceful protests with violent riots that involve looting and burning down entire cities. Sen. Markey chose to do this on Monday while demonizing police officers and urging for them to be disarmed across the nation.

Taking to Twitter, the Massachusetts Democrat falsely stated that police officers “routinely” employ “brute force” to “attack peaceful protestors.” He then called to disarm law enforcement officers before also opining that police shouldn’t have access to bean bags, tear gas, rubber bullets, plastic bullets, or “weapons of war.”

Like many other Democrats, Markey refuses to be as critical of rioters as he is of the police working to restore law and order. The far-left senator also has yet to acknowledge that blocking traffic, burning down cars, and breaking into businesses are not acts of “peaceful protest.”

The Truth about Policing in America

Following the Democrat senator’s calls to disarm police, Americans with respect for law and order immediately chimed in. Countless individuals responded to Markey’s tweet, stating that the Democrat senator is in denial about the situations that police officers face in Portland and other areas of the nation.

Others pointed out that Democrats have more anger towards police than they do towards rioters. This has maintained as a common theme on the left; referring to rioters as “peaceful protests” is a means of passing the buck while allowing Democrats to pretend as if police are abusing their power.

In Portland and other cities in America, rioters have routinely attacked police and hurled objects at officers seeking to restore law and order. Sen. Markey has yet to chime in on this.

Meanwhile, as the left continues to go after police, they have yet to speak up when officers face direct danger in their work to maintain the safety of communities.

What do you think about Sen. Markey’s calls to “disarm” police officers across the nation? How do you think something like this would go over in reality? Let us know where you stand in the comments section below!