Washington Businesses Ordered to Refuse Serving Customers without Masks

"Jay Inslee" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The issue of face masking continues to divide Americans. Some people are all in favor of using face coverings while out in public; others have serious reservations and issues with wearing masks.

Government-mandated face mask decrees are only further contributing to the divide. Lawsuits are rolling in as Americans take action against those who demand face masks; many people in this country view such demands as unconstitutional infringements upon civil liberties.


Governors who continue to issue face mask mandates are only contributing to the ire among Americans who disagree.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is a prime example of this; earlier this week, Inslee issued a mandate ordering businesses to refuse service to individuals without face masks, reports Breitbart News.

Reviewing the Statewide Mandate from Gov. Inslee

This week, the Washington governor declared that face masking is a critical mitigation strategy against COVID-19. Inslee also alleged that cases of the virus are surging in Washington, hence citing a need for state residents to ensure the use of face coverings while out and about.

For these reasons, the Washington governor has issued a “legal requirement” for businesses to deny service to persons without masks. In issuing this “legal requirement,” Inslee stated that it will shield businesses while allowing the Washington economy to thrive and prevent loss of progress.

Governor Inslee’s mask mandate states that individuals with mental health conditions, medical conditions, or applicable disabilities are exempt from the order to “mask up.” In giving businesses the green light to refuse service to persons without masks, the Washington governor didn’t detail how this will impact individuals who fall into the above categories.

Public Health Precautions or Discrimination?

As “no mask, no service” signs and orders pop up in different areas across the nation, many Americans take issue with this. Some folks have stated that such attitudes are about social control, rather than public health; other Americans believe that refusing service to someone on the basis of mask-wearing is a form of discrimination.

Govenor Inslee’s latest “legal requirement” is likely to trigger lawsuits. Already, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and several others who have issued orders for people to wear masks in public are facing pushback through the legal system.

What do you think about the Washington governor ordering businesses to refuse service to folks without face masks? Is this about public health or social control? Let us know in the comments section below.