WH Imposing Mask Mandate, Releasing COVID-Positive Migrants in Texas Towns


The White House declined to answer the question when asked how the administration justifies the mask mandate for fully vaccinated Americans; meanwhile, the Border Patrol agents are releasing COVID-positive illegal immigrants into border towns in Texas. 

WH official dodged the question asking why Americans should wear masks while COVID infected immigrants are released into the country

During the press briefing on Thursday, Peter Doocy of Fox News reminded principal deputy secretary Karine Jean-Pierre how the Biden administration stated that their priority is protecting Americans.

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However, he posed a question thereafter, asking the principal deputy secretary to explain why the administration is asking fully vaccinated individuals to wear masks to halt the spread of coronavirus (yet Border Patrol agents are releasing COVID-infected migrants in Texas small towns). 

Jean-Pierre responded by saying that they should step back for a moment. Afterward, she was interrupted by the fire alarm that went off; she then jokingly said that the alarm was triggered by Doocy’s question. 

The principal deputy secretary thereafter told Doocy that she would attempt to give the Fox News reporter a “30,000 feet view” of what is happening. She then explained the process of how migrants are placed into alternative programs instead of being detained. 

Jean-Pierre later went on and claimed that the Border Patrol gave immigrants PPE the moment that they were brought into custody. She also added that the migrants in custody were required to put on masks at all times; this includes when they are transferred or when they are going through the process before they get released.

The White House official then continued, claiming that if any of the migrants shows signs of sickness while in the custody of the CBP, they are referred to health systems to undergo diagnosis, testing, isolation, and appropriate treatment. 

DHS whistleblower: there’s 900% surge of COVID cases among illegal aliens

Jean-Pierre, who seems to be reading from a script, stated that agents at the Border protect migrants from COVID. She also praised the local organizations that housed immigrants. 

The question asked by Doocy comes while COVID cases among illegal immigrants surged as high as 900%. Earlier this week, a report from Fox News also revealed that illegal immigrants who were infected with COVID-19 were allowed to be released into local charities. The report added that some were even housed in Texas hotels, but local law enforcement officials were not aware of it. 

In addition to this, earlier in the week, two whistleblowers from the Department of Homeland Security gave warning about the dangerous conditions that immigrant children are subjected to at the border.

The whistleblowers also added that the administration officials were asked to downplay the severity of the COVID outbreak amongst the immigrant children at Fort Bliss.