“What’s So Funny?” Psaki Grilled About Biden’s Joking Response to Afghan Crisis


The White House press secretary was caught off guard and grilled about the joking response of Biden to a question about the Americans stranded in Afghanistan. “What’s so funny”, a reporter asked.

Psaki was caught off guard, insisted that the joking response of Biden meant something else

On Wednesday, Biden was asked by a reporter about what he will do if there are still Americans stranded in Afghanistan even after the August 31 deadline. However, Biden could be seen jokingly responding to the question.

Later on, it was confirmed by the reporter, that indeed the president answered, saying the reporter will be the first person whom he will call. The sarcastic and joking response of Biden prompted questions from the press.

During the press briefing, Peter Doocy, the reporter from Fox News, asked the White House press secretary about Biden’s response to the question. Doocy asked what was “so funny” about the query of the reporter, seriously asking about what will the president do to Americans stranded in Afghanistan after the deadline. 

Psaki was seemed to be caught off guard by the question from Doocy. She focused her response instead on talking points related to the Biden administration’s ongoing evacuation efforts.  The press secretary responded to Doocy, stating that she thinks what the president was trying to convey Wednesday was that they are working on completing their mission before the deadline. 

Psaki continued, stating that obviously there are discussions about it, adding that the president received a briefing about the issue on the same day. She likewise noted that Biden asked for contingency plans. 

Psaki attempted to cover Biden’s uncanny remarks

The press secretary tried to cover up Biden’s uncanny reaction, claiming that these issues are incredibly serious and there are ongoing discussions occurring internally. Psaki added that that on top of the contingency plans, Biden also demanded a “pullout plan” which is dependent on them to achieve their objectives, together with the sustained coordination with the Taliban. 

The press secretary also informed that Biden talked about the same subject multiple times in the past several days. He likewise highlighted the fact that his administration is also watching the “threats from ISIS-K”. Meanwhile, the White House is receiving criticism after the audio of the president was cut off before he could answer the important question posed by one of the reporters. 

On Wednesday, as the president wrapped up the cybersecurity meeting held in the State Dining Room, the president was quick to dismiss the press. However, before he left the room, Biden appeared to answer one of the questions thrown at him. 

Yet, before the 46th president could even give a response, the audio feed of his microphone was cut off.