White House Cheers Passing of American Rescue Plan

"President Joseph R. Biden" (CC BY 2.0) by nordique

The American Rescue Plan contains inordinate amounts of pork spending, funding for liberal projects, and few provisions that actually center around relief from COVID-19.

Despite this reality, the left is singing the praises of the $1.9 trillion spending bill that Biden will sign into law the second it arrives on his desk. Democrat leaders claim that the American Rescue Plan will help the nation’s recovery from the virus and get people back on the right track.

“John Marshall Park, Washington, D.C.” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Ken Lund

Yesterday, the White House took the time to pat itself on the back over the American Rescue Plan, as Breitbart News reports.

The White House on the American Rescue Plan

The praise of the American Rescue Plan from the White House arrived on Wednesday, during a press conference. After press secretary Jen Psaki faced a question about the Biden administration’s plan to take on a “climate change package,” Psaki pivoted back to the American Rescue Plan.

The White House press secretary declared that Biden is on the cusp of signing into law the “most progressive bill” in the country’s history.

Psaki then claimed that Biden will focus on creating “good-paying union jobs” that are furthermore conducive to Democrats’ concerns about climate change. However, Psaki declined to mention the 11,000 union jobs that suffered when Biden cancelled Keystone Pipeline.

The First of Many Bills?

The American Rescue Plan is one of several bills that the Biden administration is planning to pass. Aside from a climate change bill, the White House is furthermore eying an infrastructure spending bill. Like the American Rescue Plan, additional partisan packages will come with countless provisions that have nothing to do with the advertised purpose of the legislation.

Republicans couldn’t stop the American Rescue Plan’s passing due to Democrats having the majority in both the Senate and the House. However, if the GOP wins back either chamber in the 2022 midterm races, then Republicans will be able to stop the radical reforms Biden and Democrats seek to pass.

There is some good news, though: many Republicans have expressed confidence that the party will win 2022 midterm elections and regain the House of Representatives. Leader Kevin McCarthy even declared at CPAC 2021 that he’d bet his home on Republicans regaining the House of Representatives next year.

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