White House Corrected Biden on His Semi-automatic Guns Ban Claim

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre came forward to correct Biden, who claimed he is looking to ban semiautomatic weapons in the United States.

Biden’s controversial claims about semi-automatic guns worried gun-rights activists, who established the majority of guns in America would be banned in case of any restriction on semiautomatic weapons.

White House Corrected Biden’s Gun Gaffe

On Thanksgiving, Biden told reporters in Massachusetts that gun manufacturers are still selling semi-automatic weapons.

According to Biden, no one but gun manufacturers are the beneficiaries of selling semi-automatic weapons to Americans. Furthermore, Biden noted semi-automatic guns are against American values.

Biden also indicated he would try to pass another gun control bill before January when Republicans will assume the charge of the House.

These comments by Biden created new controversy, as the restrictions on semiautomatic weapons would ban most of the country’s shotguns, rifles, and pistols.

American actor James Wood noted Biden is looking to ban every type of gun in the United States.

Similarly, Republican Congressman Thomas Massie asserted Biden is disrespecting every American gun owner with his controversial claims, adding the country rejected the radical gun reform agenda of Nancy Pelosi.

Likewise, a newly elected congressman, Mark Alford, claimed Biden is displaying sheer ignorance by announcing a ban on semiautomatic weapons. Alford also mentioned 50% of all guns in the United States would be eliminated if semiautomatic weapons were banned.

However, the White House corrected Biden on Monday to cool down the controversy. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre established the president was talking about an assault weapons ban and not semi-automatic guns during his Massachusetts speech.

Since assuming the presidency, Biden has made numerous gaffes, which are raising concerns about his mental health.

Critics state he is unable to continue serving in the White House, but Democrats’ unexpectedly good performance in the midterm elections suggests he is expected to run for the White House in 2024 as well.

Biden Will Not Be Able to Pass More Restrictions Over Next Two Years

Once Republicans control the House, a GOP speaker is highly unexpected to entertain any gun control bill.

In the outgoing Congress, Democrats have consistently failed to pass gun control measures from the Senate, despite holding a slim majority in the chamber. However, Biden managed to pass a bipartisan gun reform bill earlier this year with the help of Republican lawmakers.

Gun control bills usually end up in a stalemate, due to the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

The last time Congress passed an assault weapons reform bill was in 1994; the legislature passed a ten-year ban on assault weapons, which eventually expired in 2004.

Banning assault weapons is one of the campaign promises of Biden.

During his presidential campaign, Biden pledged he would outlaw the manufacturing and sale of assault weapons. Last month, the president reiterated the same pledge while campaigning in the midterm elections.