White House Failed To Disprove COVID Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

House Intelligence Republicans claimed that they hold significant circumstantial evidence to support that COVID-19’s inception began in a Wuhan lab. On the other hand, the White House declined to confirm whether they had the chance to take a look at the evidence and disprove Republicans’ claim. 

Peter Doocy from Fox News asked Jen Psaki whether the White House had already taken a look at any of the circumstantial evidence relating to the claims that Republicans made, but Psaki refused to answer. She also failed to mention the point that Republicans made. 

So, Psaki did not answer the question from Doocy. Instead, the White House press secretary seek for “transparency” from the Chinese government. 

Psaki stated that first of all, she wanted to give people caution against disproving a negative. She added that this is not the responsible approach in their view. Psaki continued saying that, particularly when talking about the root causes of the pandemic that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives in the U.S. 

The White House press secretary added that their view continues to be that there is a need for an independent, transparent investigation. She added that this needs to happen, but it will only be possible with cooperation and data from the Chinese government. 

“P20210126CW-0542” (United States government work) by The White House

Psaki also mentioned that the Biden administration communicated both publicly and privately China was not transparent from the start.

She continued saying that they are now given the opportunity to be transparent. Other than that, the Chinese government is also given the chance to participate in the international investigation. She said that the investigation aims to bring a conclusion to the origins of COVID-19.

Republicans: They Have ‘Significant Circumstantial Evidence’

Meanwhile, a report was released last Wednesday by Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes and other Republicans on the panel. The report claims significant circumstantial evidence. It raises pressing concerns that the Coronavirus outbreak might have been a leak from a lab in Wuhan. 

In the report, Republicans also noted China’s history of research lab leaks that results in infections. They claimed these types of researches had raised warnings from U.S. Diplomats in China. The report also added that as early as 2017 the lab in Wuhan was handling “dangerous research” on coronaviruses. Accordingly, they claimed that they do this without following basic safety protocols. This risks the accidental outbreak of a pandemic.

GOP lawmakers also emphasized the reports that multiple researchers in the lab got sick with COVID-19 like symptoms.

In addition to this, they wrote that there was little evidence to support China’s claim that the virus was a natural occurrence. They also added that the Chinese authorities failed to name the original species that purportedly spread the virus to humans. Which they claimed is crucial to their zoonotic transfer theory.