White House Giving Free Cell Phones to Illegal Immigrants

Biden’s decision to terminate Title 42 is creating chaos in the country.

The White House defended the policy effort of the Biden administration to give free mobile phones to incoming immigrants with American taxpayers’ money.

Biden Giving Free Mobile Phones to Illegal Immigrants

Peter Doocy, the Fox News White House correspondent, asked press secretary Jen Psaki whether the Biden administration would give free mobile phones to Americans who also want them or if the offer is limited to illegal immigrants only.

Responding to this, Psaki asked whether the journalist wanted the administration to trace immigrants or not.

According to Psaki, the administration is tracking the illegal immigrants through various means; mobile phones are one of them so the government can ensure these people are appearing in courts at the time of their hearings.

Psaki also dismissed the notion that immigrants would throw away phones to escape tracking.

Furthermore, Psaki stated this is the alternative technology to the current detention policy. With this, the government is aiming to check in with illegal immigrants in three ways, and mobile phone tracking is one of them.

As the midterm elections come near, Psaki stated that President Biden would soon start “traveling the country.” However, she did not announce whether Biden would make his first border visit since assuming office last year.

A Mighty Blow to American Taxpayers

It is still unclear how many smartphones are being distributed and what models are included in this effort.

Government-distributed cell phones can be a controversial political issue, as this is not the first time Democrats are using this socialist tactic.

Back in 2012, under the presidency of Obama, a video went viral in which a low-income woman bragged about the free “Obama phone” the government gave to her.

It is pertinent to note that illegal immigration touched record high numbers last year when the Biden administration started embracing far-left border policies.

As illegal immigration is rising continuously and is expected to increase in the wake of the termination of Title 42, a free smartphone bill will be imposed on Americans who are already marred with skyrocketing inflation.

This comes at a time when the Biden administration is aiming to impose new taxes on Americans in the upcoming federal budget and the infamous social spending bill.

Meanwhile, Republicans have started showing restraint against the rising influx of illegal immigrants.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott sent an unspecified number of buses to different communities that are reportedly overwhelmed with illegal immigrants in the state.

“More than 100 illegal immigrants apprehended by Rio Grande Valley Agents” (United States government work) by U.S. Customs and Border Protection

After collecting these immigrants from Texas, the buses are scheduled to leave for Washington DC. Each bus can contain as many as 40 immigrants.

Psaki was not inspired by the measure, as she labeled it a “publicity stunt” from the governor.

During her daily press briefing, Psaki noted Abbott has no legal authority to transport these people to Washington without their consent.