The Worst Indoctrination of Kids is on Its Way

The far-left is influencing education in New York these days, as kids are forced to learn about AOC, instead of ABC.

According to parents, their kids are being given books that praise the far-left leader AOC and her progressive political faction, while denigrating Republicans at the same time.

Severe Indoctrination of New York Students

The book named “What You Don’t Know: A Story of Liberated Childhood” is written for fifth-grade students who are hardly 12 years old. This is a picture book with a black boy as its main character.

With the story revolving around the leftist narrative, the boy named Demetrius claims in the book that he feels ashamed when he is at church.

In the storyline, the boy meets Jesus, apparently a left-leaning, black individual, who tells the boy that everyone should be loved in the world.

On this, the boy signaled towards a Mitch McConnell look-alike man and asked Jesus if this person should be loved or not. Jesus replied, “yes.”

The writer of the book clarified later on that the white man to which the boy pointed was actually McConnell.

According to the writer, the kid asked about the status of McConnell from Jesus because he wanted to know if a person who is causing “all the harm” should be loved or not.

The book also preached that Americans will change the balance of the world and rewrite the rules by which they live.

After that, the black boy started watching TV with his parents; far-left members of the squad Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley were shown on the TV. 

This book has now worried the parents. A mom noted this mix of politics and religions should have “no place in the classroom.” However, this is not the first controversial book by Higginbotham.

She has also written another book named “Not My Idea,” in which she narrated an imaginary story of a boy signing up for his responsibility to dismantle white supremacy.

These books are listed in the independent reading list for fifth-graders called “Universal Mosaic.”

Far-Left Busy Engineering School Curriculum

Mosaic books have been the latest target of the far left.

One such book named “The Bell Rang” teaches slavery discrimination to kindergartners students, while “I’m Not a Girl” teaches transgender identity to students in first grade.

For parents, another heavily disturbing Mosaic book is “Our Skin,” which accuses white people of propagating racism and is present on kindergarten reading lists.

Meanwhile, Higginbotham is busy defending her work. She noted she did not want oppressive and patriarchal people to like her work.

Similarly, the book spread “boundless love” among the masses, the writer continued.

This is just a small part of the ongoing far-left movement across the country where progressive Democrats are indoctrinating children in one form or another.