Yates County Case: Unprecedented Trafficking Charges

The district attorney of Yates County, New York has declared the indictment of 18 individuals on sex trafficking and rape charges, all involving the same minor during a seven-year timeframe.

Five of these accused persons have already been arrested.

18 Arrested in NY Child Sexual Assault Case

In October 2022, the New York State Police were alerted to a sexual assault involving a minor female child.

A comprehensive investigation was conducted by the New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation based at SP Horseheads, in collaboration with the New York State Police Computer Crime Unit, the Yates County District Attorney’s Office, and the Yates County Department of Social Services.

This investigation uncovered allegations of sexual abuse spanning several years, with incidents occurring at various locations in Yates and the southern tier.

A total of 18 individuals have been arrested, with suspects originating from numerous areas across New York State and even one from Florida. While several defendants are awaiting court proceedings, others have already pled guilty through Superior Court information.

Owing to the victim’s age, the severity of the crimes, and the ongoing status of multiple court cases, no additional information will be disclosed at this time.

Casella commented, “In my decade-long experience as a criminal prosecutor, I haven’t come across a case like this. If it weren’t for the diligent efforts of the New York State Police and other parties involved, that would still be the case.”

Multiple Offenses Allegedly Took Place at Same Location

Court documents reveal that multiple alleged offenses took place at the same location.

Andrew Daugherty, 49, hailing from Dundee, has been recorded as a sex offender since the year 2006 when he was convicted for attempting to abuse a five-year-old boy in 2005.

Consequently, he received a five-year probation sentence and was designated as a level two risk, signifying the judge perceived him as having a “moderate risk of reoffending.”

“Daugherty is confronted with the gravest accusations: predatory sexual assault and predatory sexual assault against a child β€” both carrying mandatory life sentences upon conviction β€” alongside child sex trafficking,” remarked Casella.

Owing to the investigatory nature, Casella refrained from commenting on any familial connections between the child and the indicted suspects.

“The young girl is safe and well-cared for,” assured Casella, adding, “That’s the extent of my commentary.”

While five suspects have already entered guilty pleas, the remaining individuals are anticipated to make their court appearances in the weeks to come.