Disney’s ‘Woke’ Snow White Reboot Delayed Amid Backlash

Disney has announced a year-long delay in the release of its live-action Snow White reboot, following significant backlash against the film’s star and its politically correct direction. The decision to postpone the release was officially attributed to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, but critics suggest that the reshoots indicate Disney’s apprehension about the $330 million project.

The film’s lead actress, Rachel Zegler, has been at the center of controversy for her public criticism of the 1937 original Snow White film. Zegler, who plays the title role, has described the original film as “creepy” and promised a more progressive remake. Her comments have sparked outrage among fans of the classic tale, leading to widespread criticism and negative attention.

Adding fuel to the fire, it was revealed that the iconic Seven Dwarfs from the original film were set to be replaced by seven ‘magical creatures’ in an attempt to align the story with 21st-century political correctness. These characters, a mix of men and women of different ethnicities, were initially denied by Disney as being part of the film, but the company later backtracked.

In a recent publicity shot, Snow White, played by Zegler, is seen surrounded by seven CGI dwarfs, with the diverse originals nowhere in sight. This has left audiences confused about Disney’s plans for the ‘magical creatures’ and original dwarfs.

Zegler’s derogatory remarks about the original Snow White movie and her promise to modernize the main character’s values have further alienated audiences. She openly admitted to hating the original film, labeling the Prince as a ‘stalker’ and the storyline as ‘weird.’

Her views have been widely criticized on social media platforms like TikTok, where users questioned her involvement in a story she seemed to despise. One user, @cosywithangie, argued that Zegler’s criticisms of the original version of Snow White were not a good example of advocating for feminism.

Despite the backlash, Zegler has defended the film’s progressive direction in high-profile interviews. She dismissed jokes about the film being the ‘PC Snow White,’ further alienating traditional fans of the fairy tale.

In conclusion, Disney’s decision to delay the release of its live-action Snow White reboot reflects the growing tension between traditional storytelling and modern ‘woke’ culture. The controversy surrounding the film serves as a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls of reimagining classic tales through a politically correct lens.