National Security Concerns Rise as Islamic Groups Allegedly Infiltrate US Defense Establishment

In a shocking revelation, it has been reported that certain individuals within the US defense establishment may have ties to Islamic groups. This news comes amidst growing concerns about national security and the potential for compromised classified information.

Robert Malley, the former US Special Envoy to Iran, is currently under investigation by the FBI for possible mishandling of classified information. House Republicans have raised concerns about Malley’s potential compromising ties to the Iranian regime. Malley, who was a key figure in negotiations to restart the Iran nuclear deal, has been suspended from his position without pay due to serious security violations. His security clearances have also been suspended pending further investigation.

In addition to Malley, several other officials within the Biden administration are under scrutiny for their alleged ties to Islamic groups. One such individual is Yousra Fazili, a senior Pentagon official with strong ties to the Qatari regime. Qatar is known to openly fund the Muslim Brotherhood and its subsidiary, Hamas, and provides safe haven to Hamas leaders. Despite these connections, the Department of Defense (DoD) has refused to terminate Fazili.

Fazili’s rapid rise within the Pentagon, where she now serves as the chief financial officer and chief of staff to the under secretary of defense for comptroller, has raised eyebrows. Congressman Jack Bergman (R-MI) has requested details about how the Pentagon vetted Fazili and what safeguards are in place to prevent her from influencing policy related to the Persian Gulf. However, his inquiries have been met with vague responses or silence.

Another individual of concern is Ariane Tabatabai, Assistant Secretary for Special Operations Chief of Staff. Emails obtained last month reveal that Tabatabai was part of an Iranian influence operation called the Iranian Experts Initiative (IEI).

The IEI aimed to recruit overseas academics and researchers to help shift policy towards Iran, particularly regarding its nuclear proliferation.

Tabatabai has been allowed to keep her top security clearance despite these revelations. She has written articles for mainstream media outlets promoting a nuclear deal with Iran and has spoken at globalist think tanks advocating for the same.

These developments raise serious questions about the integrity of our national security apparatus. It is crucial that we ensure those in positions of power within our defense establishment are acting in the best interests of the United States and not influenced by foreign entities. The potential infiltration of Islamic groups into the US defense establishment is a matter of grave concern that requires immediate and thorough investigation.