RFK Jr. Clarifies His Association with Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Jet in 1993

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent presidential candidate, has recently addressed the circulating reports about his one-time presence on Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous private airplane, often derogatorily referred to as the “Lolita Express”. The plane has been associated with allegations of transporting underage girls to Epstein’s properties.

Newsweek reported that RFK Jr.’s name was among several high-profile individuals who had previously been identified as passengers on Epstein’s aircraft. 

In response to these reports, a spokesperson for Kennedy confirmed that he did indeed fly once on Epstein’s plane in 1993. The purpose of this journey was to visit his mother, Ethel Kennedy, in Palm Beach, Florida, for Easter.

The trip was arranged by Kennedy’s then-wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, who was acquainted with Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s partner at the time. Mary and two of their children accompanied Kennedy on the flight. After Mary’s passing in 2012, Kennedy married his current wife, Cheryl Hines.

Social media posts and a report by Business and Politics Review also discussed a second trip by RFK Jr. aboard Epstein’s jet. This trip, too, was reportedly arranged by Mary Kennedy and Ghislaine Maxwell. The family embarked on an expedition to a fossil hunting site in South Dakota, which Kennedy believed was Maxwell’s idea.

Kennedy recalled that Epstein was not sociable during the trip and did not participate in the fossil hunt. He also remembered that Epstein seemed to have issues with his lively children. Halfway back to New York, Epstein ordered the pilot to land at Midway Field in Chicago, where he disembarked and made his own way home.

The Epstein scandal continues to be a talking point in the run-up to the 2024 presidential election. However, it is important to note that there is no suggestion that those who flew on the jet were involved in any illegal activity. This includes Donald Trump, whose name has been mentioned in connection with Epstein’s plane.

Newsweek reported that flight logs show Trump boarded Epstein’s plane seven times. However, it was quick to add that Trump has not been accused of any involvement in Epstein and Maxwell’s alleged crimes. The media’s focus on Trump’s association with Epstein’s plane seems to overlook other prominent passengers, such as Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.

In conclusion, RFK Jr.’s association with Epstein’s private jet appears to be limited to two trips arranged by his then-wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy. There is no evidence to suggest any involvement in Epstein’s alleged criminal activities. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, it is crucial to separate fact from speculation and focus on the issues that truly matter.